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Product Management

Transform the way you bring products to market. We tackle every element of the product lifecycle from planning to post-launch maintenance to ensure that you meet your highest business goals.


Audience Engagement

Build your positioning and messaging

Prioritize what matters most to your audience. We work with your team to build a deep understanding of your customer needs so you can build positioning that sets you apart from competitors.

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Application Development

Strengthen your market offerings

Innovate your offerings to enhance customer experiences. Our collaborative approach to product development combines expertise and ingenuity to grow your customer base and accelerate your revenue.

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Program Operations

Unite marketing, product, and sales teams

Transform your business both inside and out. We partner closely with your organization to place your values, offerings, and people onto a clear, unified path for long-term success.

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Data Analytics

Gain actionable insight

Understanding customer data, performance measurements, and business results are key to managing complex product offerings. We work with you to make sure everyone is on the same page and acting together to drive business results.

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How we can help

Accelerate business value with top-notch products

Facing the go-to-market process is a complex task that can present both known and unknown challenges. We’ll show you how to effectively own the go-to-market strategy end-to-end to strengthen product launch efficiency, program management, and overall governance.

Do you know your company's marketing strengths and weaknesses?

Our marketing assessment can help you gain a better understanding.
The Spur Team always came super prepared and was extremely knowledgeable about our technologies and product mix. Their ability to absorb complex concepts, up-level information for various audiences and deliver high impact presentations has proven Spur to be an invaluable partner to Cisco.
John DamonSr. Manager, Product Marketing

Ready to enhance your customer value?

Drive greater value for your organization by launching more innovative products and initiatives. Meet with our experts to learn how we can optimize your go-to-market strategy so you can win more customers and grow your business.