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All Things AI Episode 5: Using AI for Weapons Detection
Spur ReplyAug 20, 2022 7:23:16 PM< 1 min read

All Things AI Episode 5: Using AI for Weapons Detection

"I think it's also really important to not get sucked in to doing things the standard way that they've been done in the industry. If you're occupying a niche in a contested market where the incumbents are competing together and you have this area you've carved out it's really tempting to ask people in that space and do things exactly the way they've done them. But a lot of times that's not the best way to do it. Take a look at your situation, look at it as a problem, and try to solve the problem. Usually you come up with a really unique and efficient way to do it by having a completely fresh perspective," explains Caleb Jones, a Navy seal turned AI expert.

In episode 5 of All Things AI, Clay Campbell interviews Caleb about how he and his team overcame challenges to create a company that uses AI to detect weapon threats in public spaces. He also discussed trends and changes in the computer vision industry is changing.


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