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Spur ReplyMay 16, 2020 12:24:26 AM1 min read

The Spur Group and COVID-19

While we still don’t know the real impact of COVID-19, its effects are widely being felt here in Seattle and within our client base. We wanted to take this moment to reassure you and share how we are dealing with the situation.

We have three guiding principles: prioritize the well-being of our people, continue to deliver the highest quality professional services for our clients, and maintain a sense of normalcy wherever possible. As such, we are adjusting for the new circumstances in dealing with COVID-19.

Like many companies in the Seattle area, we encourage our employees to work remotely during this time. This choice is not just about an abundance of caution, but a realization that our people must deal with school closures, rules restricting gatherings of more than 250 people, and other limitations around public transport. Our offices remain open, and some of our team still prefer to come to work in a “regular” environment.

We are fortunate in that almost all our work is traditionally conducted remotely. We have outstanding infrastructure and processes supporting our team and managing work in this environment. We expect no negative impact to our clients. We continue to offer our standard high-quality services, dedicated team relationships, and deep thought leadership for all our projects. We remain committed to our regular cadence with you. If there is an impact to an engagement, we will work rigorously to mitigate your experience and deliver promised value on time and with industry-leading quality.

We also recognize many of you are working under a new normal. Some of our clients have closed their campuses. Others are restricting travel and meetings. Your events, programs, and engagement models are being canceled or re-imagined. We have experience helping our clients through all these changes. We’ve always embraced challenges and a continuous focus to deliver results that matter. We can support you, no matter your circumstances, to produce your necessary business outcomes during this time of uncertainty.

We founded The Spur Group on a simple premise: it is customer, partner, and employee experiences that drive competitive advantages and produce results that matter. We want to reassure our clients we will do everything to make sure your experience during this time is positive and productive. As always, you can trust us to have your back and help you achieve your goals.


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