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Chris McCallNov 16, 2022 1:27:50 PM1 min read

Understanding Project Management as a Service

You just got handed a huge ask from your leadership. Your budget is large but your task list is larger. It’s hard to envision a way to get your hands around the project.

This is where project management as a service comes in. Strategic project management is imperative to any business, especially when everyone wants to get work done faster and cheaper. Project management serves a clear need, as companies encounter challenges when they have more projects than time to complete them. Many companies have project managers but we’ve found in most cases, their methodology isn’t based around outcomes, but instead activities.

Getting projects off to the right start can be difficult.

  1. Organization doesn’t have a project management muscle. Project management needs a certain number of resources in order to be successful, which should be determined before starting.
  2. Team is stretched thin. If there is more work than people to complete a project, you will never be setup for success.
  3. Organization doesn’t have a clear strategy. Without a set strategy, it is difficult to give your team the direction it needs.

Why use a vendor for project management?

It can be stressful and daunting to bring in outsiders to manage and advise on your projects. But there are several benefits.

  1. Time-tested principles. Provides a tailored methodology for project management based on our best practices, having completed over a thousand projects with clients of differing sizes.
  2. Established structure. Organizes goals into a detailed format that gives a clear direction for the project.
  3. Ongoing framework. Allows you to identify, prioritize, and launch projects of various sizes over time.
  4. Predictable outcomes. Enables your team to engage on projects whether they’re self-led, internal team-led, and vendor-led services, and be successful.

Bringing in a vendor for project management isn’t for everyone. But when deployed in the right situation, it can save you time, money, and the headache of developing your own project management office.


Chris McCall

As Chairman of the Board, Chris manages Spur Reply’s strategic planning practice and has over 25 years of experience across business strategy, operations and channel management.