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Digital Asset Tracker Unifies Azure Marketing Portfolio

Success Story

At a glance

Azure IoT needed a way to organize and streamline a large number of marketing assets from the past years. In response, we took stock of the content library, built an inventory list, and conducted a content assessment that identified content gaps and gave refresh recommendations. We then created a digital asset tracker, which enabled cross-team asset management, reduced duplication, and provided better transparency within the team.

Business results

Unified Azure IoT portfolio
4 Months to complete project
Enabled cross-team asset management
Reduced duplication efforts
Greater transparency into team activities

Services provided

Content strategy and development
Process, program, and project management


Making assets accessible

The ability to digitally manage marketing assets is key to ensuring everything is accessible, easy to find and share, brand compliant, and available for global campaigns. Without a streamlined business operations system, product and marketing teams lack insight into content gaps or refresh needs, which can lead to a duplication of efforts across the organization.

The broad collection of Azure Internet of Things (IoT) platform services connect, monitor, and control billions of IoT assets. Azure IoT also has security and operating systems for devices and equipment, in addition to data and analytics tools that help businesses build, launch, and manage IoT applications.

As a leader in cloud technology, the Azure IoT platform requires a consistent, structured management system to organize its marketing content.

Building an asset management system

The Azure IoT Marketing team needed a way to track assets from the past several years and determine if they were live, outdated, or duplicative. Azure sought Spur Reply’s expertise to create an organized asset management system that could identify any gaps surrounding existing assets.

A digital asset tracker and streamlined processes

To organize the Azure IoT marketing team’s existing assets, we built a digital asset tracker that could trace content from the past several years. The robust asset management system also included a new asset request form that simplified the way our client processed marketing requests.

While Azure owned a large library of content, we created the new asset management system in a novel manner based on our expertise in streamlining internal systems and processes. Additionally, we worked with Azure team members to conduct a content assessment that identified content gaps and gave refresh recommendations.

Spur Reply had an existing working relationship with the Azure marketing team and previously worked together to develop several of the assets beforehand. Our previous experience allowed us to quickly take stock of the content library and build the inventory list. Our client trusted us to deliver high quality work in a timely manner.

“My experience with Spur has been outstanding. [It was] easily one of the very best vendor experiences I’ve had in my 10 years at Microsoft,” said Peter Cooper, Director, Product Marketing Azure IoT.

Streamlined process unifies portfolio

The new asset management system provided our client with a high level of organization that allowed its team to drive consistency across all marketing projects moving forward. Additionally, our collaboration helped unify the Azure IoT portfolio with a consistent look and feel.

“It has been a pleasure working with all of them,” Cooper said.

The content assessment provided insight into gaps and refresh needs. Further, the asset tracker enabled cross-team asset management, reduced duplication, and provided greater transparency into activities across the team.