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Integrated Launch Marketing Drives Awareness for Project AirSim

Success Story

At a glance

Microsoft’s goal was to introduce Project AirSim, a platform for building and testing aerial autonomy solutions through simulation. The announcement was to coincide with the 2022 Farnborough International Air Show (FIA), one of the largest and most renowned aerospace events in the world. In an extensive collaboration, Spur Reply worked with the Project AirSim team to conceptualize and create marketing positioning, a series of 15+ marketing assets, exhibition booth designs, and sales enablement materials for use during and after the announcement. When the week-long FIA show wrapped, Project AirSim garnered international attention and gained a following of potential customers.


Business results

Hundreds of booth visitor conversations
Thousands of blog views
Multiple media placements
Hundreds of thousands of social media impressions and video views

Services provided

Brand and product messaging
Content strategy and development
Visual design
Sales enablement


A growing need for tech partners in the aerial mobility space

Aerial autonomy solutions address growing opportunities in industry, urban growth, and modern human movement.

Transporting goods or inspecting critical infrastructure like wind turbines, via drones and other electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOLs), is no longer a futuristic concept—it’s happening now. With increasing demand, aerial mobility leaders are looking for ways to reduce cognitive load on pilots and free up the time and focus needed to safely manage other aspects of flight operations. As the industry continues to expand, it’s becoming clear that autonomous systems are key to making this happen safely and efficiently.

That’s where technology companies like Microsoft are entering the picture. The operation of drones and other remotely controlled hardware is increasingly leaning on a more software-based approach—one capable of rendering information designed for machine processing. Accordingly, AI and data science—which make advanced simulation possible—are indispensable aspects of forward progress. Now, firms like Microsoft are making it possible for aerial mobility businesses to leverage simulation to safely and efficiently build autonomy into their solutions.

Launching Project AirSim

Spur Reply worked with Microsoft to conceptualize, build, and execute an integrated set of strategic product launch marketing communications for Project AirSim. The goal was to introduce Project AirSim in a clear, compelling way to a range of stakeholders, including potential customers, media, internal Microsoft teams, and FIA attendees.

Building an integrated launch marketing strategy and product story deliverables

Because Project AirSim is a new offering—one entering a highly competitive global arena—Microsoft had to tell a compelling story outlining the industry need, Microsoft’s unique ability to address that need, and the benefits that could be tailored to multiple audiences.

The Spur Reply approach involved:

1. Conducting background research: We quickly learned about the market context, audience segments, and audience needs so we could formulate a compelling product story with elements that would resonate with different segments

2. Connecting with stakeholders: We established a cadence with a core project team and engaged with an extended team of subject matter experts and decision-makers

3. Defining and cascading messaging: We collaborated to develop Project AirSim’s overarching story flow, facilitating stakeholder alignment along the way. We then adapted the core messaging for several sales and marketing deliverables, including:

a) An internal messaging and positioning framework
b) External-facing pitch decks for both technical and business audiences
c) Social media and web copy
d) An overview one-pager
e) A sizzle video for use at the FIA event

Spur Reply also helped conceptualize and bring to life the overall FIA booth experience. From booth wall design to furniture selection, Spur Reply leveraged design expertise, analytical thinking, and project management experience to create an on-site environment designed to spark curiosity and draw people into the excitement.

“Spur Reply’s end-to-end launch support was critical for our ability to create and land a cohesive, compelling story,” said Paul Stubbs, Principal Program Manager, Autonomous Systems. “From marketing communications to visual design, their team helped us deliver a successful announcement and world-class customer experience at the Farnborough International Air Show.”

Successful collaboration results in international attention and new customer connections

Throughout this process, we took complex AI-related concepts and turned them into informative, engaging, and impactful communications tailored to business leaders and tech-minded decision-makers. Our efforts helped our client’s internal and customer-facing teams reinforce consistent product messaging and deliver an energizing FIA booth experience that helped deepen existing relationships while garnering new leads. During the week-long announcement period, the Project AirSim communications resulted in hundreds of on-site visitor conversations, coverage in top media outlets, and hundreds of thousands of social media impressions, among other coverage.

Through our effective communication strategy and project management, we helped Microsoft create, share, and cascade a compelling product story within four months. Our consultants continue to collaborate with the Project AirSim team on marketing communications and event opportunities so they can deliver a best-in-class experience to future customers.


Spur Reply’s end-to-end launch support was critical for our ability to create and land a cohesive, compelling story. From marketing communications to visual design, their team helped us deliver a successful announcement and world-class customer experience at the Farnborough International Air Show.
Paul StubbsFormer Principal Program Manager, Autonomous Systems at Microsoft AI
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