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Targeted ABM Strategy Drives Automation Company’s Revenue Acceleration

Success Story

At a glance

To drive demand post-launch for the next version of a new solution catered toward a specific audience, an automation company partnered with Spur Reply to build an account-based marketing (ABM) plan and targeting strategy. As part of the targeting strategy, our team of experts built a tool that allowed our client’s team to easily analyze customer and prospect data. The collaboration defined a clear path for the company to streamline its sales cycle, align its marketing and sales teams, and grow its account base.

Business results

Formed a clear path for an automation company to meet business goals and accelerate revenue
Created a robust customer data tool to generate custom target lists based on requested criteria
Defined requirements that strengthened alignment between our client’s sales and marketing teams
Built an ABM strategy that increased our client’s significance among high-value accounts
Enabled our client to easily gather and analyze valuable customer insights

Services provided

Data analysis and targeting strategy
Customer targeting tool
Connected marketing and sales framework
Account-based marketing strategy


Optimizing your targeting approach with ABM

According to research by MarketingProfs, organizations with aligned ABM strategies have seen as high as a 208% increase in marketing revenue. The strategy has proven itself as an effective method for driving growth and gaining competitive advantage in the B2B market. 

ABM is a customer targeting approach in which aligned marketing, sales, and product teams focus on one or multiple select group(s) of high-value accounts on a personalized level. With ABM, marketers can tailor their marketing strategies, including campaigns, to become more targeted and impactful, ensuring you receive the highest ROI possible. 

Attracting and converting high-value prospects through an ABM strategy

Our client partnered with Spur Reply to help drive demand post-launch for the next version of a newly developed solution for a target audience. Our client asked us to create a marketing and sales strategy to increase their market penetration, streamline the sales cycle and product lifespan, and create client competitive advantage. To drive our client’s sales momentum after the solution’s launch, we devised a customer acquisition strategy to reach high-value prospects. Specifically, we built a targeting strategy and ABM plan that incorporated personalization to move potential customers through the buyer’s funnel.

Segmenting customers with a data-driven propensity model

The collaboration began with building a targeting strategy. The targeting strategy established the recommended customer attributes for our client to consider when evaluating whether to target a given account as well as our recommendations on which accounts to ultimately target. 

Since ABM is based on tailoring to the needs of various customer subsets, we then needed to perform customer segmentation. As a key resource to guide this process, we worked with subject matter experts (SMEs) to create a customer segmentation tool. We built the tool with customer data, including their level of engagement with marketing assets, sales prioritization of accounts, buying history, and features like industry and geographic region. 

The tool allowed the end user to select different customer attributes, then generated a list of prospects that fall under the user’s requested criteria. All prospects are categorized into three tiers based on a data-driven propensity model. To support each individual ‘tier’ through ABM, we outlined a unique customer experience with customer touchpoints that mapped to existing marketing and sales materials. 

Additionally, we built a framework to foster strong marketing and sales alignment, allowing both teams to effectively manage lead handoffs and follow-ups.

Accelerated path to lead conversion, stronger internal alignment, and gaining competitive advantage

Spur Reply’s efforts gave our client a new perspective and approach to meeting the individual needs of a diverse set of high-value accounts. Working in lockstep with our client, we defined a clear path for their marketing team to meet business goals and accelerate revenue. Further, the robust customer data tool 1) will enable the automation company’s internal teams to easily analyze, gather insights and formulate powerful customer nurturing strategies and 2) can be easily repurposed to inform other sales and business decisions in the future. Most importantly, the project left our client with actionable steps forward to align marketing and sales teams, allowing them to accelerate lead conversion and grow competitive market advantage.

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