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Raegan WilsonApr 26, 2023 10:28:05 AM2 min read

Five Tips for Improving Channel Partner Experience

We recently teamed up with Zift Solutions to share tips on improving the channel partner experience (PX).

From Josh Medeiros, Zift’s Head of Client Solutions, and Raegan Wilson, our VP of Ecosystems Consulting, here are our five top ways to add value to your PX and ensure your partner program is best-in-class.

1. Clean up your content

As Raegan said, this first tip is an easy one. Think of cleaning up your partner portal content the way that you’d clear your junk drawer. Do you have outdated webinar invites in the portal? Remove them. Conducting an audit to gauge what content is current – and what isn’t, like outdated invites – will reveal what work needs to be done.

(Psst… A helpful tip: Most PRMs will enable you to set start and end dates on your portal content. Utilize this feature to make sure irrelevant content never shows up on partners’ portals.)

2. Update your home page

The home page welcomes partners to their portal and is the first thing they see after logging in. As such, it should contain only the most relevant information! Make sure that everything listed on the home page is something your partners actually care about. For some suppliers, creating different versions of their home page will be the easiest way to tailor information. Raegan suggested doing this to cater to unique partner types. Partner Relationship Management tools like ZiftONE make it simple to show the right content to the right partners.

3. Review your communications

Third tip? Take a look at your automated communications. It can be easy to set content up and then forget when its relevancy has passed. You’ll want to send only the most relevant, clear and concise communications to partners. Little details, like whether or not your footers are up-to-date, are also crucial to review. Attention to detail shows that you care about your program… and the partners involved!

4. Know and hit your program SLAs

Raegan also advised having a clear understanding of your SLAs (service-level agreements) for deal registration, onboarding and MDF programs. Your entire channel team should ensure that they can hit the timelines that are set for the partners and make adjustments where necessary. Just like the first tip suggested, conduct an audit of everything you’re telling your partners you’ll complete. You don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver to channel partners.

5. Create an ongoing management plan

Lastly, Raegan suggested creating an ongoing management plan with someone owning the process. The plan should include regular assessments, monthly or quarterly, to review the program’s performance and make necessary adjustments.

A word to the wise: Be thoughtful about this step! Neglecting management plans can once again turn your portal into a junk drawer, with outdated information left in the hands of partners. Consistent and ongoing portal hygiene will be crucial to your (and your partners’) success.

A version of this blog was originally posted on Zift Solutions. It is based on a partnered webinar hosted by Zift.

Raegan Wilson

Raegan Wilson is Spur Reply's VP of Ecosystems Consulting. She owns the firm’s platform alliance relationships and leads the ecosystem automation and optimization strategy. With over 20 years of channel experience, Raegan believes in leveraging automation tools to support channel program strategy and enhance partnerships.