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Steve WhiteMay 15, 2020 11:54:19 PM3 min read

When Your Sales Lead Pipeline Is Full – Keep Filling It

Business is booming. Your whole sales team has been crushing it and your pipeline is flowing like a firehose. Time to take a breath, relax and set cruise control.

Except, that would be a mistake. We’ve seen this be a pitfall for many companies and we don’t want your company to fall into the same trap.

There are many reasons why you and your team are successful and seeing an influx of sales. But at this point, you can’t believe your own press. This is the time to focus on three specific things:

  • Take advantage of your momentum
  • Cement your relationships
  • Keep selling

Take advantage of your momentum

When you’re amidst team success, it’s easy to take your eye off the prize and go after low-hanging fruit. It seems to keep the momentum going and morale high. But only going after easy wins can tank your momentum when you least expect it. You can prepare for this and prevent the downfall.

Reviewing your pipeline regularly is a necessity when you’re looking to maintain your momentum. It’s crucial for you and your staff to understand where your sales are coming from and who you should be going after. Make it a strategic activity.

This is also the time when you want to take a close look at capacity, which you can’t do without understanding your pipeline first (see above). Know what resources you have available to you that will enable individual and team success and ultimately keep your company in a good selling position.

As you consider what you are or should be focusing on asking yourself: Are you taking full advantage of the momentum or preparing for the next wave?

Cement your relationships

When we work with our client’s sales organizations, we always recommend that they set aside time a few days a week to reach out to former clients. For us, this is a best practice that we implement at our own firm. This dedicated time gives you the opportunity to be the hero when, maybe, your client didn’t know they needed one. Staying in touch allows you to anticipate their needs without any clairvoyance required! All because you were thoughtful and put in the time to follow up with people.

Devoting time to previous clients makes a world of difference both in our own company and for our clients as well.

Continue selling

Once you reach your goals, it’s easy to take a break and congratulate yourself. But this is how other companies get ahead. And if you’re thinking “I don’t know if we have the capacity to meet the demands,” you’re on the right track.

If you’re in sales, you get paid to create these kinds of problems for your company. Don’t stop. Maxing out your capacity is a good problem to have. This is not the time to pump the breaks. This is the moment you need to take advantage of to set your company apart from its competitors.

Leveraging your hard-earned momentum is what prevents you from being a flash in the pan and provides unprecedented access to current and future clients.

With all of the resources consumers have access to, it can be hard to determine whether sales are being driven solely by sales activities or marketing activities, or something else entirely. But you can hedge your bets by continuing to hone your sales skills and focus your selling activities in a way where you cement your client relationships and continue to sell on a regular basis.  

Talk to us to learn how you can build momentum within your sales organization.


Steve White

Steve is the former CEO of MCM, one of the largest privately held insurance businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Steve brings 20 years of Leadership, Organizational Systems, Operations and Change Management experience to Spur.